INCITE Journal of Experimental Media #6: Forever

INCITE Journal of Experimental Media #6: Forever

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INCITE Journal of Experimental Media #6
2015 – 2016

Editors: Walter Forsberg and John Klacsmann
Layout and Design: Eliza Koch

Cover images: Sabrina Ratté

Contributors: @timebasedmedia, Peggy Ahwesh, Anonymous, Craig Baldwin, Nadia Baram Larralde, Michael Betancourt, Mark Byrnes, Terry Cannon, Rutherford Chang, Steve Cossman, Kevin Croker, Jon Dieringer, Clint Enns, Bradley Eros, Walter Forsberg, Brian L. Frye, Jason Fulford, Marsha Gordon, Sabine Gruffat, Cheryl Hann, Brett Kashmere, John Klacsmann, Andrew Lampert, Charles Levine, Ross Lipman, Amy Lockhart, John Madey, Zak Marmalefsky, Jesse McLean, T. K. Peters, Greg Pierce, Suzanne Porath, Sabrina Ratté, Samplerman, Soda_Jerk, Leslie Supnet

230 pages, perfect bound 
Full color

Incite Journal of Experimental Media is an artist-run publication dedicated to the culture, community, and discourse of experimental film, video, and new media. Since 2008, INCITE has produced yearly thematic print issues containing scholarly articles, artists’ writings, interviews, manifestos, original artwork, and photo and comics dossiers; as well as an online interview series (Back and Forth), a DVD compilation, artist multiples, and screenings and events.