Glorious Ravage by Lisa Mezzacappa CD

Glorious Ravage by Lisa Mezzacappa CD

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Glorious Ravage is a panoramic free jazz song cycle by San Francisco Bay Area bassist and composer Lisa Mezzacappa, that features a large ensemble of stellar California improvisers performing with films created by Bay Area moving image artists Janis Crystal Lipzin, Kathleen Quillian, Alfonso Alvarez and Konrad Steiner. The program takes as its inspiration the adventures and writings of lady explorers of the 19th century who trekked to the wildest parts of the earth, to escape, to discover, and to lose themselves.

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1. Veta

2. Make No Plans

3. Heat and Hurry

4. Taxonomical

5. Great, Green Gloom

6. Soroche

7. For the Dusky Mourner

8. Marianne

9. Shut Out the Sun

10. City of Wonders

Musicians: Fay Victor, Nicole Mitchell, Kyle Bruckmann, Vinny Golia, Cory Wright, Darren Johnston, Michael Dessen, Dina Maccabee, John Finkbeiner, Mark Dresser, Lisa Mezzacappa, Myra Melford, Kjell Nordeson, Tim Perkis, Jordan Glenn