Found Footage Filmmaking with Craig Baldwin

Found Footage Filmmaking with Craig Baldwin

Shapeshifters Cinema
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Sunday, September 12, 2021
In-person at Shapeshifters Cinema (567 5th St. Oakland)
Masks and proof of vaccination are required for attendance

$45, includes materials

This 4-hour, one-day, in-person workshop intensive with San Francisco experimental filmmaker/curator/cultural phenomenon Craig Baldwin will introduce participants into the world of hands-on, analog 16mm film editing. Using a loupe, viewer, splicer, and projector, students will learn about working with sound and silent film, determining film heads and tails, A and B wind, reeling through films (plenty of release prints will be provided), making selections, recognizing and cutting on edit-points, ”pulling” shots/scenes, making splices, building short “assemblies,” and cobbling together moving image collages. Everyone will make their own “loop” to be screened at class' end!

Students will not only get a direct, human-scale experience with celluloid, but will also come to new understandings of the sources and provenances of mid-century “orphan” material and possible Art World destinations of re-purposed and “redeemed“ works as ambiences, jams, gallery exhibitions, and even festivals. And of course they will gain insights into documentary uses of “stock,” “library,” and “archival” footage, both as generative artifacts of 20th century cultural sensibilities and as crucial “proofs” in contemporary (and future) non-fiction productions.

About the instructor: Born in Oakland and raised in Sacramento, CA, Craig Baldwin attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, University of California at Davis, and San Francisco State University (M.A., 1986). In the Department of Cinema at SFSU he studied under Bruce Conner and became increasingly drawn to collage film form. His interest in re-contextualization of found imagery led him to the theories of the Situationist International and to various practices of copy-art, mail art, 'zines, altered billboards, and other creative interventions beyond the fringe of the traditional fine-arts curriculum. His filmography includes: Stolen Movie (1976), Flick Skin (1977), Wild Gunman (1978), RocketKitKongoKit (1986), Tribulation 99 (1991), O No Coronado! (1992), Sonic Outlaws (1995), Spectres of the Spectrum (1999) and Mockup On Mu (2008). He is the curator and steward of the weekly experimental film series Other Cinema (based since 1986 at Artists' Television Access) and Other Cinema Digital.