Experiments in Terror 2 DVD

Experiments in Terror 2 DVD

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Creeping once more into the darkest corners of the cinematic imaginary, Experiments in Terror 2 unearths a body of ghoulish works to satisfy our most perverse celluloid cravings.

Body-parts of cinema past—silents, grindhouse, giallos, Hitchcock, and Karloff—are exhumed, disemboweled, then stitched back together into macabre new creations of frightful power and monstrous beauty through fiendishly clever montage and sinister sound design.

Using crazed camerawork, mesmerizing mise-en-scene, and the alchemy of experimental technique, a new generation of cine-spooks apply aesthetic shocks to the rotten corpse of genre convention, re-animating it into a very contemporary order of horror film—graphic, ironic, poetic...undead!

"Deliciously dead-on recreations of '60s psychedelic-nightmare cinema and '70s drive-in horror...plus animated skeletons doin' it every which way, experimental remixes of classic genre footage, vintage trailer trash, and more..." —Dennis Harvey, Variety / SF Bay Guardian

Titles include:
  • The Mesmerist by Bill Morrison
    (with music by Bill Frisell)
  • The Early 70s Horror Trailer by Damon Packard
  • Psych-Burn by J.X. Williams
  • Between 2 Deaths by Wago Kreider
  • Amor Peligrosa by Michelle Silva
  • Hold My Scissors by Usama Alshaibi
  • Opus 5 by Lloyd M. Williams
  • The Fear by Angel Nieves
  • She Sank on Shallow Bank by Clifton Childree & Nikki Rollason


  • The mysterious Closet of Horrors with spirits, psychos, and Bela Lugosi!
  • A chillling cameo from Andy Warhol.
  • Essay booklet by Jack Sargeant (author of Deathtripping and The Naked Lens)
  • New Releases from Other Cinema DVD

Curated by Noel Lawrence
(with assistance from Craig Baldwin)

This DVD is NTSC, Region 0 (playable worldwide).