Brittle Feebling CD by Bruckmann, Djll, Heule & Nishi-Smith

Brittle Feebling CD by Bruckmann, Djll, Heule & Nishi-Smith

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Brittle Feebling prickles and bleats, an abrasive delicacy. Fricative rasp and withheld breath seethe together in a discomfiting cuddle. Perfectly respectable instruments born of classicisms both Euro and Nippon are recast, glanced at askance, as the misbegotten miscreants of Imperialisms they (also) are.

"Good, tough improv--spiky and uncomfortable here, almost--almost--calm and expansive there, active and needle-sharp while allowing air into the room." - Brian Olewnick

"...a free-play prime example of fruitist Art Brut, full of scratches, smudges, dark spots, moaning, scratching, mostly unidentifiable and anyway indescribable sounds. Served as a puff cake decorated with barbed wire, which you can easily translate with Fiddlesticks... There is hardly a sound that has not come under a steam roller, that has not leaked miserably, that no mortar or meat grinder has tampered with, that gets away unsplit, unswashed." - Rigo Dittmann / Bad Alchemy (via Google Translate)

"...every moment has serious weight; all the breaths, squeaks, taps, and wheezes feel monumental in the context of such overwhelming sparseness." Marc Masters / The Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: October 2020

"An impressive array of extended breathing, bowing and percussive techniques, healthy curiosity as well as a strong sense of deep listening are a given in this acoustic, delicate yet abrasive sonic meeting... This meeting is focused on fricative rasp and withheld breath, and always aims at expanding its timbral palette and exposing new sonorities..." - Eyal Hareuveni / Salt Peanuts

"you should only tune in if you enjoy mysterious and slow-moving action sports, performed to ceremonial rules that no-one understands." - Ed Pinsent / The Sound Projector

released October 2, 2020

Track List:

1. MILKENCE 12:49
2. SUSTROON 5:32
3. FRAIVE 7:31
4. THECT 6:54
5. UUMSOL 12:29

Kyle Bruckmann: oboe/English horn
Tom Djll: trumpet
Jacob Felix Heule: floor tom
Kanoko Nishi-Smith: koto