Take This and Follow Me by Blakc Pullet Grimoire (Wayne Grim) CD

Take This and Follow Me by Blakc Pullet Grimoire (Wayne Grim) CD

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BlakcPullet Grimoire is a pseudonym for the solo project by SF Bay Area musician Wayne Grim. ‘Take This and Follow Me’ is the second BPG CD and a follow up to “Eating Whole Villages He Threw up From the Bitter Taste of Concrete” released in 2010.

BPG is metal, it’s cinematic, it’s noisy, and it’s electronic. BPG was originally created as a soundtrack for live video projections. Shows have included ‘Mr.T, Be Somebody Or Be Somebody’s Fool’, ‘The Boy In the Plastic Bubble’, and David Lynch’s ‘Mother’. BPG has been performed at the Luggage Store, SF; The SF Musicians Union; Illuminated Corridor, Alameda; and the Ivy Room in Oakland,

The sound of the BPG is turntables, stones, oscillators, circuit-bent Casio, cassettes, drum machines and very big guitars.

1. “Symphony with Feedback/Five/Unwilling Mountain Dives” - 12:47

2. “Intro” - 2:56

3. “H” - 10:16

4. “Gem" - 1:45

5. “Sword/Rust3b” - 4:39

6. “Delta Finger” - 0:52

7. “Girl You Know It's True” - 2:17

8. “My Pony” - 3:50

9. “He” - 6:44

10. “Slight End” - 1:38