Analog Cookbook, Issue #5

Analog Cookbook, Issue #5

Analog Cookbook
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Analog Cookbook is a biannual zine dedicated to making non-digital filmmaking more accessible. Emerging from DIY roots, Analog Cookbook is committed to sharing darkroom recipes, featuring artists working with analog film, photography, and video, and building a platform for celluloid enthusiasts all over the world. 

Inspired by Helen Hill's Recipes for DisasterAnalog Cookbook seeks to continue the conversation around analog filmmaking in the digital age. Updated analog resources are needed. Even as film stocks come and go, technology fades, and cameras become obsolete, film never really dies. Analog Cookbook provides resources on modifying your old cameras sitting on bookshelves (for example, the Instamatic), recipes on non-toxic developers, and tips and tricks for film artists from all over.

Kate E. Hinshaw, Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Issue #5
Released 2022
80 pages, color

Table of Contents:

Chantal Partamian // @Katsakh
João Reynaldo // Typefilm
Matt McWilliams // Building a scanner
Sandy McLennan // Building an R8 Optical Printer
Tristan Ives // lights, camera, hair!
Maureen Mulhern-White // Silver Gelatin Photograms
The Halide Project // Feature by Andi Avery
@24memespersecond // Memeing the future
Anne-Marie Bouchard // Salin
Maliyamungu Muhande // Alive in Death
Alix Galdin // Opaline
Gabriel Bryant // Reactive Experiments
Justin Rhody // No Name Cinema
Andy Ray // A Prayer for Elvis