Analog Cookbook, Issue #4

Analog Cookbook, Issue #4

Analog Cookbook
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Analog Cookbook is a biannual zine dedicated to making non-digital filmmaking more accessible. Emerging from DIY roots, Analog Cookbook is committed to sharing darkroom recipes, featuring artists working with analog film, photography, and video, and building a platform for celluloid enthusiasts all over the world. 

Inspired by Helen Hill's Recipes for DisasterAnalog Cookbook seeks to continue the conversation around analog filmmaking in the digital age. Updated analog resources are needed. Even as film stocks come and go, technology fades, and cameras become obsolete, film never really dies. Analog Cookbook provides resources on modifying your old cameras sitting on bookshelves (for example, the Instamatic), recipes on non-toxic developers, and tips and tricks for film artists from all over.

Kate E. Hinshaw, Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Issue #4
Released 2021
200 pages, color

Table of Contents:

Where Uncertainty Meets Imagination // Essay and photos by John Fitzgerald
Day off Vibes // Melina Kiyomi Coumas
Retrato de Análogo // Portrait of Analog // Jean-Jacques Martinod
Landscapes // Zoe Chronis
Postcards for John // Cody Edison & Christine Wood
Film As a Language for Loss // Essay and stills by Ellery Bryan
All Dust is Skin // Meesh Kislyakov
Disappearing silence // Sarah Seené
The Bearers of Memories // Miglé Krizinauskaité-Bernoteiné
River Ghosts // Jonathan Onsuwan Johnson
Taiga // Leena Lehti
Anthology for Fruits and Vegetables // Dawn George
He Needs Dark to See // Abigail He
Bloom // Ashley Manigo
Babes in the Woods // Leanna Kaiser
Handmade/Homemade // Michael Lyons
Home Office Cinema // Karissa Hahn
Reticulation as a tool for queering the body: compulsory heterosexuality // Essay and images by emily van loan
Folly // Shane Dedman
Side Effects May Include // Claire Donohue
Kinky Paradise // Claudia Rojas
The Matters of Black Skin: A Comprehensive Conversation with Frederick Taylor // Interview by B. Sonenreich
Hai! Oui! A Dance Between Countries: French and Japanese piano compositions // Christine A. Banna
Sainte-Croix // Alix Galdin
Bad Dream // Camilo Diaz
Glory Box // Leanora Olmi
Jeux de lumière // Light Plays //Anne-Marie Bouchard
Double X // Kioto Aoki
Instant Vinegar Syndrome Dye Job // Christine Lucy Latimer
Scope // Olly Knights
Zen and the Art of Film Projection // Markus Maicher