Non-toxic Cameraless Filmmaking, with Greta Snider

Non-toxic Cameraless Filmmaking, with Greta Snider

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Sunday, December 6, 2020
Virtual meeting via Zoom

$40, includes materials 
$30, you provide your own materials
(Shapeshifters members receive a 10% discount)

Register by Sunday, November 29th to receive materials via USPS (for US-based participants only)
Register by Tuesday, December 1st if you are able to source your own materials, and/or if you are based anywhere outside of the US 

There was so much interest in this workshop the first time around, that we are bringing it back by popular demand!

In this workshop, led by filmmaker and educator Greta Snider, we will experiment with plants and other materials printed directly onto 35mm film, in a relatively uncomplicated, daylight process. Equipment and materials include nontoxic developer and fixer (made from salt, Vitamin C, and detergent), a length of 35mm film, and re-usable gloves.

You will need a bucket, a stirring stick (a chopstick for example), a measuring cup for water, a quart or liter plastic container, a cardboard box big enough to cover the bucket overnight, and some plants and leaves! The activities of the workshop can be done indoors or out – if indoors, a plastic tablecloth may be useful.

Please note: We are only able to send materials to participants based in the US due to the high cost of international shipping. If you are based outside of the US and you are able to source your own materials, you can register at the $30 level.

Greta Snider is an experimental filmmaker and teacher who works with handmade cinema practices. You can find some of her experiments by searching #MaterialCinema on Instagram.