Non-toxic Cameraless Filmmaking with Greta Snider

Non-toxic Cameraless Filmmaking with Greta Snider

Shapeshifters Cinema
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Sunday, October 25, 2020
Virtual meeting via Zoom

$40, includes materials
$30, you provide your own materials
(Shapeshifters members receive a 10% discount)

Register by Sunday, October 18th to receive materials via USPS

In this workshop, experiment with plants and other materials printed directly onto 35mm film, in a relatively uncomplicated, daylight process. Equipment and materials include nontoxic developer and fixer (made from salt, Vitamin C, and detergent), a length of 35mm film, and re-usable gloves.

You will need a bucket, a stirring stick (a chopstick for example), a measuring cup for water, a quart or liter plastic container, a cardboard box big enough to cover the bucket overnight, and some plants and leaves! The activities of the workshop can be done indoors or out – if indoors, a plastic tablecloth may be useful.

Greta Snider is an experimental filmmaker and teacher who works with handmade cinema practices. You can find some of her experiments by searching #MaterialCinema on Instagram.