Analog Cookbook, Issue #2

Analog Cookbook, Issue #2

Analog Cookbook
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Analog Cookbook is a biannual zine dedicated to making non-digital filmmaking more accessible. Emerging from DIY roots, Analog Cookbook is committed to sharing darkroom recipes, featuring artists working with analog film, photography, and video, and building a platform for celluloid enthusiasts all over the world. 

Inspired by Helen Hill's Recipes for DisasterAnalog Cookbook seeks to continue the conversation around analog filmmaking in the digital age. Updated analog resources are needed. Even as film stocks come and go, technology fades, and cameras become obsolete, film never really dies. Analog Cookbook provides resources on modifying your old cameras sitting on bookshelves (for example, the Instamatic), recipes on non-toxic developers, and tips and tricks for film artists from all over.

Kate E. Hinshaw, Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Issue #2
Released 2020
90 pages, color

Table of Contents:

Cyanotypes / Interview with Sehera Nawaz
Sister Portal / Story by Skye Thompson
Altered Iconic Cultural Images / Interview with Michael Fleming
Herbal Developers / Recipe by General Treegan
Call for Submission Let's Be a Forest
Doing the Reel Thing / Essay by Stefanie Weberhofer
Fox Wound - Super Swimsuit Super 8mm Music Film / Interview with Rosalia Parra
Printing Digital Video to 16mm film / Quote by Laura Conway
Guide to Processing 16mm Kodak B/W Reversal / Recipe by Nikola Dyulgyarov and Tish Stringer
35mm Photography by Charlie Mirador
Be Kind, Please / excerpts from a film by Ace Mccoll adapted for text
What is a Moment / Essay by Andres Porras
Reflect + Process / 16mm films and Recipes by Emily M Van Loan
Film Soup / Photos by Beth Maciorowski
Super 8 / sci-fi / my Dad and me / Story by Ben Barton
Basilisk / Recipe and thoughts by Autojektor
Making a Bolex EBM Adapter Guide by Thomas Paul Wilson
Analog Horror / Thoughts by Caity Arthur
Elemental / Interview with Dani Smith
The Valley : Exquisite Corpse series / Thom Kuo
Solarization / Recipe by Svava Valdis Tergesen
Lining / Interview with Britany Gunderson
On Film Challenges / Quote by Mona Fani
35mm Photography by Sacred Hatreds / Interview
Wasted Films / Interview with Mads Madison
Amnesia / Experimental video art piece by Shane Dedman
Mother Feather 16mm Documentary / Interview with Jess Giacobbe